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Frequently Asked Questions

My son/daughter needs to learn their promise. Where can I find it?

Each section has its own promise and law (except for Beavers who only have a promise). These can be found on the Scouts website: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts, the Scout Network and adults

Where can I buy uniform?

There are local distributors of the official Scout Uniform but if you prefer to order online, "Scout Shops" (the official Scout Organisation Store) have their own web site and an Amazon Store which includes prime delivery on most items with all profit going back into the Scouts association.  You will only be required to purchase a uniform shirt/jersey, the neckerchief and badges will be supplied by your group.

What is the difference between a "Neckerchief", "Nekka", Necky", "Scarf" and "Tie"  ?

Absolutely nothing, they are all different names for the rolled triangular neckerchief worn by Scouts throughout the world.  The Scouting neckerchief seems to be in Robert Baden-Powell's participation in the Second Matabele War in 1896; where he worked with Frederick Russell Burnham, an American-born scout employed by the British Army. Baden-Powell copied Burnham's practical style of dress, including "a grey-coloured handkerchief, loosely tied around the neck to prevent sunburn". Although a generally ceremonial item, the neckerchief is taught to be a practical wilderness item in the Scouting tradition. The neckerchief, unrolled, is designed to be the perfect size for use as a triangular bandage for first aid.  The neckercheif is normally secured with a woggle or a friendship knot.

Where do badges go on the uniform?

Badge placement diagrams can be found on the Scouts website : Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers

My son/daughter does activities outside of Scouting, can he/she still earn badges?

Yes, absolutely - a full list of badges can be found on the Scouts website : Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers. Just provide the appropriate evidence to your youngsters leader as detailed in the requirements list.

What do I do with badges when my youngster moves to the next section?

Depending on your group, you may be provided with new core badges for the new uniform (county, district, name tape and membership badge) but it is very common to be asked to unpick the existing ones for the new uniform.

Any pale blue circular badges with a number in the bottom center are "staged" activity badges (such as the hikes, nights away, etc).  These can be taken to the next uniform as they are universal throughout the sections.  All other badges should be moved onto the youngsters camp blanket;

What is this "Camp Blanket"?

A camp blanket is not an essential uniform item but it is a fantastic way of keeping the memories of your youngster's journey through scouting alive. Official Scout Association blankets are available but the more personal, the better.  Any badges achieved in younger sections that cannot be carried up should be removed from the uniform and moved onto the camp blanket for prosperity along with any 'special' neckerchiefs, camp specific badges or occasional badges once their time has run.  The blanket is typically worn around the campfire circle so be sure to pack it for camp!

This wonderful example belongs to "Bod", our very own Campfire Hero;


How to I find Bexon Lane Campsite?

The full address is Sittingbourne, Milton & District Scout Camp, Bexon Lane Bredgar, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8HD.  A map can be found here

How to I find Lower Grange Farm?

The full address is Lower Grange Farm, Grange Ln, Maidstone ME14 3DA.  A map can be found here.

How can I volunteer with The Scouts Association?

Adult helpers are always sought within the Scouts Association no matter how little time you are able to volunteer.  If you wish to get involved with a particular group, you should ask you local section or group leader directly.  It they currently have all the helpers they need, please use the "Contact Us" page on banner above.  If you are able to commit regularly, you will be asked to complete an Adult Information Form and provide two forms of ID (see the ID requirements List) so that a DBS check can be performed (regardless of any DBS check you may already have with another organisation, the Scout Association will require another).


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